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A Magical Ayurveda Evening


Create Health & Wellbeing in your life daily with Ayurveda.

2½ hours of Vedic Bliss – a wonderful introduction to Ayurveda

Immerse yourself in the timeless traditions of Ayurveda, Vani introduces you to your Ayurveda Body Type (Dosha) with some magical and simple things you can do to improve your health and wellness.

Understanding your Dosha is the Key

Vani teaches you that understanding your individual body type (dosha) is the foundation for your health and wellbeing. Which foods bring optimum health.

The evening will include:

Introduction to body types (Doshas)
Ayurveda means ‘The Science of Life’. Vata, Pitta & Kapha are the body constitutions or Dosha, which when balanced offers wellbeing.

Dosha Questionnaire
A simple, enlightening set of questions to help you understand your body type (Dosha).

Dosha specific massage movements
Getting/buying/making the beautiful organic products to nurture your skin is important. Vani will teach you how to apply oils, lotions etc. for your body type (Dosha).

Introduction to the energetics of Herbs & Spices
An introduction to the energetics of herbs and spices – sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. Explore and combine to make a masala you can use daily.

Masala mix
Masala means ‘variety’ in Ayurveda. We combine the 6 tastes of Ayurveda to provide the energetics that your body longs for.

Customise your personal skincare range using Ayurveda Apothecary products
Learn to use herbs, spices and essential oils to customise your oils, lotions and potions to benefit your skin and body constitution.

Vedic meditation
Vedic meditation has its unique way of connecting to the deeper Self.

The cost for the evening will be £20 which also includes:

• £5 voucher to spend on Ayurveda Apothecary products  or £5 voucher to spend on Snehana Love Therapies with Linda Bretherton .
• Goody bag with Ayurvedic delights.



Programmes and courses by Linda Bretherton

Inner Child Weekend

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The concept of the Inner Child can create a great deal of uncertainty in many people. Although it has become a popular term and has been coined by many teachers, it is a difficult concept for many to grasp. Not because they do not understand what the 'Inner Child; means, but that the connection to their own Inner Child is missing.

Many names
Over time and through many interpretations the Inner Child has been called by many names, it has been named as the ego, the authentic self, our real self, the core self, the child within, our deeper selves, the lost child, sub-personalities, archetypes ............ and so on.

Ultimately the Inner Child which can be joyful and happy and wonderous is a part of us that can sabotage our lives in many ways.

The Inner Child is that which often drives you and plays a large part in sabotaging the areas in life that you wish to be happy with.

There are many ways, that the Inner Child does this - this is often unconscious, here are some examples.

The need for others’ approval - when we keep on doing things that are detrimental to our health and wellbeing in the need for others to approve of us.

The need to feel superior to others - this is practised in many ways and has many variations, one example would be passive superiority, where someone takes on the 'sugar coating' of spiritually and reminds you often of something very important that you need to do, but does not do it themselves.
Need for maintaining high self-esteem - because of past neglect the Inner Child will attempt many things not to feel insecure.

Need for mastery/competence - there are two parts involved here, one is to feel superior to others, the other is to feel the need to be better, cleverer, more than you are. This is seen in many spiritual practices, those who go from one programme to another, searching for answers and mastery.
Need for autonomy, to be independent - this is a classic problem for many people, who refuse to ask or look for help this again can be seen in New Age learning.

Controlling other people - the need to change others, to have them be how we would prefer them to be. Explaining to others that the best way is your way.

Social/Physical comparisons - the need to compare oneself with others, they have better houses, better friends, and a fitter body. This becomes another way to feed into the self-sabotage and shame.
Materialism - many of us know that materialism does not buy happiness, yet we choose to ignore this and continue to look outside of ourselves for gratification from others and from objects.

Lack of will power - many call it a lack of willpower, and yes this is partly true for example you know that you want to loose weight and that healthy food is the answer, yet you are driven to eat the sugary cake that you see in front of you. Often you have the power to do other things, but the will is lacking if it is connected to an emotional trigger, which is often food, alcohol, sex, TV , drugs.

The opposite
Your Inner Child will be the part of you that enables you to do the complete opposite to what you say that you desire. Thinking one thing and doing something else? It's the Inner Child that's in control of your actions because there is something deeper that runs underneath holding you back.

So many people are often so out of touch with this part of ourselves when we examine it, this is the part of us that runs and often sabotages our lives.

It's a very complex concept for many to grasp and even when they understand it, they 'forget' that the Inner Child exists within them.

A wrong assumption
Many also wish to deny the existence of the Inner Child believing that they are critical somehow of their parents, this is not the way forward. It is not about 'how bad it was', it's about understanding the mechanics of the behaviour, pain, and uncertainty alongside the concept of the Inner Child, so that you can begin the journey towards healing and emotional and physical care.


Who can benefit from this course?
Anyone can benefit from further self-enquiry, regardless of their background and childhood experiences, this is for men and women who want to experience more joy and personal freedom in their lives.

Although this programme can be challenging and this is itself important for anyone wishing to examine understand, heal and change themselves. Although there are challenges the processes are provided with safe and loving energy.

How Linda works and what she does
Through the use of EFT, enquiry techniques, visualisation, quiet reflection you will discover your own inner nurturing parent and your inner child. You will learn to create healthy, healing experiences to foster an inner child that feels secure and strong. The partnership you establish between your inner child and your nurturing parent will enable you to live your life with a new level of potency, peace and joy.

In this weekend workshop, we will create opportunities to:
Share and tell our own stories.
Uncover core beliefs that hold us back.
Move through our fear.
Share and tell our own stories.
Learn techniques for safely releasing our anger and sadness.
Reclaim the right to embrace all of our feelings.
Nurture and reassure our inner child.
Find ways to access our own abundant inner resources.
Create new, healing images of our families.
Experience profound levels of love and compassion for ourselves and others.
If you think you are ready for a deeper healing, email us.

Held in Cheshire & Wales.

The cost of the course is £160 for both days Sat/Sun and does not include accommodation which is usually about £25 to £35 per night.

People bring food and cook and prepare together its a wonderful part of the weekend. This is all organised when you book on the course.

Email for any questions


14 Day Purification Programme

Introduction to Ayurveda Purification


This is the beginning of a gentle yet powerful ayurveda purification programme, this is a general programme for all body types with guidance on specific dosha types. 14 days will take you through processes, food, practices that include body , mind and spirit care. 




Food, Breath and Sound Practitioners Programme 


Whether you wish to develop as a Wise Earth Practitioner of Food, Breath & Sound or you wish to engage and learn the processes for yourself and your family, Wise Earth Ayurveda is the grass roots of healing and preventative health and is available for everyone. Come to where you belong in a place of nurturing and ayurveda education and leave taking with you ancient divine processes that you can easily integrate into your own life. The complete programme covers 10 days and this is usually done 3 to 4 times a year. (all equalling 100 accreditted hours) Lessons are completed by Skype calls, homework and day classes. Once fully completed you have the exciting opportunity to become a Wise Earth Ayurveda Practitioner.


Ayurveda Clinic & Spa

Snehana Love Therapies



Snehana in Ayurveda represents the concept of love and gentleness and all these therapies are about encouraging the self to ‘remember’ the deep internal codes of self-love, self-understanding, self-care and unconditional love. The emphasis is always on the client's wellbeing and care while the practitioner offers kindness, and deep affection to help to ignite the inner healing codes. Snehana encourages the bodies flow of healing by gently unlocking the channels

The emphasis is always on the client's wellbeing and care while the practitioner offers kindness, and deep affection to help to ignite the inner healing codes. Snehana encouraging the bodies flow of healing by gently unlocking the energy channels to promote the body's innate self-healing.

In advance - You must fill in an Ayurveda Questionnaire in advance of your treatment.

When you book and pay for your sacred practice, the questionnaire is emailed to you with directions and instructions.

Email Linda for booking and questions.