What's Your Daily Skincare Regime?

By Sandra Czachur on 24th of June 2017 — Share on Facebookwww.ayurvedaapothecary.co.uk / blog / ayurveda-the-comprehensive-science-of-wellbeing / whats-your-daily-skincare-regime

What's Your Daily Skincare Regime?


Getting your skin ready for the day is a no brainer, right? You wash it, put on products, and go. Well the order in which you apply everything makes more of a difference than you think.

Step #1: Start with a cleanser.

If you have limited time to prep your face, one step you cannot forget is washing with a cleanser. But don't use your hands — stick with a clean washcloth, cotton pads or cleansing cloths. Our face cleansers gently remove make-up and everyday impurities leaving your face feeling soft and fresh. 

Step#2: Apply face serum

Apply the face serum to targeted areas on your face. Remember to always give your skin plenty of time to dry before you move on to your next step. 

Step #3: Add a moisturiser.

After your face is cleaned and totally dry from your treatments, apply your moisturiser all over your face and neck for optimum hydration and protection.

Now go out and enjoy your day x x x