What Activities Suit Your Dosha Type?

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What Activities Suit Your Dosha Type?


The Ayurvedic physician Charaka  wrote in the ancient texts ”From physical exercise, one gets lightness, a capacity for work, firmness, tolerance of difficulties, elimination of impurities, and stimulation of digestion.” Ayurveda recommends choosing activities according to your dosha so that it helps you feeling happy and invigorated and positive enough to tackle the rest of the day.

So, what are the activities that suit your dosha type or are perfect for your mind-body type? Follow these guidelines and you’ll know.

Kapha dosha

Those who have dominant Kapha doshas have a steady flow of energy, are strong and possess great physical strength. They have the ability to tackle and feel comfortable with sports that can test their endurance. Aerobics, dancing, hiking, cycling, football or soccer, and long distance running or rowing are some sports that can be performed by them. Any kind of sport that works up a sweat is good for them to clean up the accumulated sluggishness and the congestion build up.

However, the one challenge that most kaphas face is the motivation to exercise! If you have not been exercising for a while, it is recommended that you start with brisk walking and increase the time limit before you move to an intense physical activity.

Pitta dosha

Those who have a dominant Pitta dosha love to indulge in challenging sports like hiking, tennis or skiing. It is important that you never increase your stress levels when indulging in any kind of sporting activities because it will not be beneficial for you.

The one challenge that people with the pitta dosha face is the lack or lesser amount of endurance ability that they may possess. So it is always advisable that they exercise in moderation. A leisurely walk outdoors is one of the best form of exercises for you if you ever feel that you are overwhelmed with the physical activity you are undertaking.

Vata dosha

People who have a predominant vata dosha are naturally enthusiastic, but because of the bouts of energies they have, they also tend to tire quickly. When a vata dosha is imbalanced, they end up pushing themselves to the highest endurance limit and they often are feeling very exhausted and on the verge of a burn out. Exercises that are recommended for those with the vata dosha are grounding exercises like yoga, cycling, dance or a leisure walk. These types of exercises will help them develop the strength and ability without tiring them out. A lot of indoor sport activities are recommended for those with the vata dosha.

When you choose the right type of exercises for your mind-body type, you will not only enjoy the physical activities, but also gain better health because you are exercising the right way. It is always important to ensure that you have the right fitness levels. Develop a regular exercise routine and you will be amazed at the wonderful benefits your body will gain through it.

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