The Philosophy of Ayurveda Cooking

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The Philosophy of Ayurveda Cooking

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The most important lesson regarding food and cooking according to Ayurveda is ensuring that your food is in alignment with the intelligence of nature.

Processed food, tinned foods, and food with added synthetic preservatives have been damaged and in no way can serve your body. This doesn't mean that I never use tinned food, that's not the case, but as much as I am able I chose to eat fresh natural food directly from Mother Earth. This means that our bodies will react to the recognition of being at one with nature and we will reap the benefits of living healthier and in accordance with ayurvedic principles.

Our bodies contain the same intelligence as the natural food and plants that we eat to bringing into our daily diets we can include foods such as fresh whole grains and organic fruits and vegetables. We are all seeing the tragedy of eating processed fast foods, obesity, heart disease and of course cancer are some of the most prevalent, although depression, anxiety, rheumatism and a host of ailments are affecting the population.

According to Ayurveda when our bodies take on these artificial toxins, our immune system fights to bring alignment to our bodies, unfortunately too much of this kind of food over taxes the body and we are left with dis-ease.

This is what the Maharishi Centre says about toxins -

'When our bodies are thrown out of balance due to long-term exposure to toxins and from living an unhealthy lifestyle, the result is cancer. According to Ayurveda, cancer is one of the most extreme expressions of imbalance in the body. The social and long-term cure for cancer is cleaning up our environment and food chain. How we sow, so shall we reap. When we toxify our mother earth, the result is that our bodies become toxic.'

These Ayurveda Purifying Consommes will give your body some respite from your normal food practice. Even eating the consommes for a day will help your body to purify and release.

This advice is not meant to be medical information, I am not a doctor, much of what is contained in this web site is common sense and seen to be proven in a wide variety of publications. Please do consult your health practitioner if you are unsure or have any serious health problems.

Please also remember that as soon as you embark on a natural healing diet you will experience toxic release where you may have headaches, tiredness, feeling out of sorts, this is a common response and will be heightened if your diet is not a healthy one.