The Enquiry into Yourself

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The Enquiry into Yourself

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A message from one of my students today - could it be you?

This is what she said via email -  'Reality check. Just back from the doctors. Cholesterol 2 years ago 5.6, now it's 6.3! Time to cut out cakes. Yesterday we were clearing out and moving things around the house, and I've managed to pull a muscle in my back. I know that if I had been eating well my body would've coped. I'm hoping this gives me the 'kick up the backside' I need.'

Ayurveda tells us that there are 6 stages of a disease.

These stages begin with small tell-tale signs, that if we were aware we could address very quickly and bring our bodies back into harmony and wellness. The problem for many people is that they tend to separate their bodies from their emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Although many people understand and recognise that emotions and thinking are directly connected to illness, and immunity, very few are able to bring this into daily awareness.

An example may be useful here  According to Ayurveda, we must understand our body constitutions, and rather than describe these again here, you can find many articles on this site to help you understand the doshas. But let's assume that you are of a Pitta Constitution, Pitta represents the Fire element and you are beginning to sweat a little more than usual. This could be a warning that your body is trying to rid itself of unwanted extra toxins. You may have eaten a hotter curry than is recommended for Pitta, it may also be due to the sunny weather. This can be addressed fairly easily, by eating more suitable foods, changing into natural fibre clothing, keeping cooler.  But what we must remember is that your physical reaction will also likely be connected to your emotional self also. Feelings of irritation, anger frustration, maybe life isn't going as you would like it to go. As a Pitta type, your emotional self will react from a specific quality, that belongs to Pitta, hot, sharp and critical towards yourself and others. mapping your emotional reactions will help you to understand your physical symptoms.  Ayurveda Psychology reminds us that if these feelings, reactions, and symptoms progress, they will become difficult to heal. enquiry and inner work, whilst not dwelling on the past problems are important for growth and our mental, physical and spiritual health.

Ayurveda & the Inner Child  The connection with our deeper selves through Ayurveda practices can be increasingly valuable for Inner Child work, the Inner Child is REAL !! If you had a child struggling, overeating, procrastinating, tired, lethargic,etc. You would take responsibility for her and encourage, enthuse , and ensure that she was supported. I can promise you that if you do not really really understand that a child lives within you and requires your unreserved attention, with love and compassion. You will always be reminded of your 'short- comings' , the short-comings that you learnt a long time ago, that are now a very long playing record which is becoming manifested into the physical body.

Physical symptoms and the emotions go hand in hand  Many people try many things from New Age practices , as much as all of these practices are wonderful they are also beautiful distractions from the focus of you loving your Inner Child and following your innate Body Constitution. Authentic Ayurveda reminds us that it's not a quick fix, it’s a way of living, it's all about your daily awareness, daily practices and attention to your Inner Child.

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