The Benefits of Body Oil

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The Benefits of Body Oil


WHEN I EXPLAIN THE BENEFITS of our wonderful body oils .... clients understand the importance of giving the body some deep nourishment.

Our Vata Body Oil has a Base of Organic Sweet Almond Oil infused with Manuka honey, Sweet Orange and Rose.

Our Pitta Body Oil has a Base of Organic Apricot Kernel Oil infused with Liquorice and Cucumber.

Our Kapha Body Oil has a Base of Peach Kernel oil infused with Eucalyptus, Grapefruit and Lime.

The very best way to use a body oil according to Ayurveda is to massage it into the body, leave for 5 minutes and then have a steamy shower or hot bath ... this opens the pores and the oil penetrates in the heat, simply pat dry and feel the silken end result of a nurtured nourished body....

Take time out for yourself and give your whole body a treat!