Summer in the City

By Sandra Czachur on 10th of May 2018 — Share on / blog / ayurveda-the-comprehensive-science-of-wellbeing / summer-in-the-city

Summer in the City


What does it mean to be a 21st Century person with a particular dosha, alive in a busy world? Lets examine a slim Vata man sitting on a cafe terrace eating lunch in the sun.

The day is slightly breezy, but hot and dry. He's unsettled and fidgeting and seems unable to keep still. Even when it seems that he's managed to settle down and stop moving, his eyes continue darting about, and under the table a foot is constantly tapping.  He's eating salad because it's healthy and non fattening but that's creating a problem for him because he has a Vata dosha, with ether/space and air as his elements and Vata's tendency to be easily distracted. He is naturally dry because that too is a Vata tendency yet he sits in the heat with a breeze that's drying him even more. The food and surroundings contain the same elements that he is made from. He'll soon feel the effects of this interlude and become more unsettled and then he won't be able to concentrate, his behaviour will become erratic, he won't be able to make his mind up and it will all be 'his fault' and he can then start to feel bad about himself all over again, another Vata tendency.

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