Slow and Sluggish Complexion

By Philip Bretherton on 15th of June 2020 — Share on / blog / ayurveda-the-comprehensive-science-of-wellbeing / slow-and-sluggish-complexion

Slow and Sluggish Complexion


A slow and sluggish circulation is something that we all experience, particularly as we get older and we exercise less. This lack of movement affects our skin dramatically and so we need to consider other ways to circulate our skin and get the blood moving, clearing and cleaning from within the layers of our skin.

Good circulation encourages new collagen production and this helps the skin to hold more water, which we discussed in our last post, 'Hydration is One Half of the Answer'. One of the simplest ways to stimulate circulation in the skin is massage, and to increase results we can use a gentle yet powerful skin polish. As we get older our skin absolutely needs exfoliation for several reasons. Our more mature skin stops rejuvenating itself as often as it did when we were younger, we need to be more active and help the exfoliating process by using a natural skin polish.

If we are more aware when we are using the skin polish, by focusing on the massage movements, moving up and outwards with gentle circular movements, this will create excellent circulation and bring tired skin back to life. Also using our skin cleanse and polish will also help with deeper cleaning, ready for the active serum to penetrate the prepared skin for hydrating.

Follow with our face cream to lock in all your efforts, adding beautiful ingredients into the skin.