Oil before you shower

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Oil before you shower


Oils take a bit longer to soak in, so the Ayurvedic method of applying oil on your skin before taking a warm shower helps the oils to penetrate the skin and make it really soft and nourished. Apply the oil and let it soak into your skin as you go about your morning routine, which can include: daily meditation, yoga, pranayam (breathing exercises) and eating a balancing breakfast.

Take a couple of minutes more and turn it into a small comforting Abhyanga massage. It's incredibly relaxing, and the oil penetrates the skin better.

During all of these steps, the oil soaks into our cells, rejuvenating and softening our skin. Then we can hop into the shower and rinse away the excess, but also allowing the warmth and steam from our shower to push the oil deeper into our skin layers. Yes, heat assists oil penetration, and during traditional Ayurvedic cleansing, it is advised to oil up and sit in a steam bath multiple times, to moisturise our internal organs and loosen up toxins.

Now, if you are going to shower an oiled body, it is important to mention that you do not need to use soap. Simply rinse off the excess topical oil, and towel off so that your skin is left unstripped, protected and moisturised. What I love about this method is that your skin gets a wonderful restorative treatment without risking getting oils on your clothes.

If you’re running low on time in the morning and cannot let the oil treatment sit, or simply hate oils, I advise that you, at the very least, switch to a natural body wash.