New Year New YOU!

New Year NEW YOU!

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Christmas is over and now to look towards 2017. What’s in store for you?

We all make New Year’s resolutions with the best intentions but often we do not follow through – we try and do everything in one go and of course we get overwhelmed and then tell ourselves we have ‘failed’. Well this year why not try the ‘Ayurveda’ way? Take each step gently and try and incorporate the Ayurvedic principles into your life.

1. What’s your Dosha?

Once you know your dosha you can then begin to look at what foods suit you, how best to take care of your skin and look towards creating a state of balance. Take the Questionnaire to find our your Dosha.

2. Changing your diet.

Don’t try and change your diet all at once, make small changes. Look at foods that are good for your dosha (there is a food chart in ‘Dosha for Life’).

3. Get cooking!

Once you know what foods are good for you start experimenting with recipes, adapt your old favourites to suit. If you don’t cook meals from scratch at the moment, try at least once a week to cook a whole meal from start to finish. You can find some recipes on Linda Bretherton’s website and her free eBook  to get you started.

4. Get moving!

Exercise is a great way to get moving but did you know that your dosha benefits from different kinds of exercise? Read my blog ‘What Activities suit your dosha’

5. 7 day Ayurveda Cleanse

A cleanse is a great way to start the new year – try Linda’s 7 Day Ayurveda Cleanse 

6. Improve your sleeping habits

Read my blog ‘Are you Getting a Good Night’s Sleep’ for some great tips on a good nights rest.

7. Time out for you

In our busy lives, we often neglect ourselves, we need to take time out and connect with our inner self. 'Take Time out for You' 

8. You are doing the best you can

Finally, do not be hard on yourself, you are doing the best you can.

You might be interested in Inner Child work which can look at why you might do things a certain way, and maybe keep repeating habits you would rather not repeat. Take a look at Linda’s website for more information on The Inner Child

Wishing you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2017 x x x