Everyone has their own idea of meditation, for many years I looked for the ‘right’ music, the ‘right’ CD, the ‘right’ way to meditate, only to realise that there isn’t a right way – there is the way that feels best for me/you.

Mindful breathing is a popular method and it should not be underestimated because it can silence your mind and develop inner peace.  See what works for you because as you continuously practice you will see what helps you meditate. You might find that meditating early in the morning is better for you, or might notice that there are certain foods that don’t help you meditate, then avoid them. Over time you will find what works for you, but as with most things, practice is the key.

I love these word from The Path of Practice, Maya Tiwari, just reading it calms the mind:

Sit in a meditative posture during the mellow time of dusk. Visualise yourself on top of a mountain and listen to the music of the galaxies. See a butterfly. Listen to the fluttering sound of its wings and recapture the gentleness of your heart. You are standing on the shores of the ocean. Revive your energy from the splashing sound of the waves. A floc of squawking seagulls fly overhead.

Find yourself enjoying the quiet aah of the full moon and feel your Shakti-praana move within you. It’s winter, a deer is running through the underbrush. You can hear the crackling of the branches under the snow.

Now, you are sitting by a gurgling brook. Feel your Shiva and Shakti energies merging with and without. The light has turned golden. It is dusk. You are walking in a wheat field, listening to the rustling of autumnal leaves. Follow the quiet flow of your breath as you revel in your own sonorous spirit of being. Know that the centre of the universe is within you.

At your own pace you will grow and as you progress you can add more minutes to your practice. Starting small and increasing is a great way to start. The way to meditate is YOUR way.

Sandra x x x