Love Your Belly

By Linda Bretherton on 23rd of June 2020 — Share on / blog / ayurveda-the-comprehensive-science-of-wellbeing / love-your-belly

Love Your Belly


Abdominal massage is a technique that has been used by multiple cultures since the time of the ancient Vedics. Palpating the belly has been thought to promote health and wellness in many ways, including pain relief, stress relief, and overall improvement of the functioning of the digestive tract. Abdominal massage doesn’t require a lot of hard work, and it’s easy to incorporate it into your daily life to facilitate lifelong wellness of both the body and the mind.


How to perform abdominal massage

• Lie flat on your back on a firm bed or on a mat placed on the floor.

• Expose the belly by lifting your shirt, so you can get skin-to-skin contact with your tummy.

• Rub your hands against one another firmly until they feel very warm (about 15 seconds).

• Place your fingers into your navel and begin a firm (but not painful) rubbing motion, slowly circling outward from the navel.

• Focus your mind on the warmth building up in your abdominal area as you continue the motion, slowly making about 40 or 50 circles around your abdominal area, totaling two minutes in all.

• That’s it!

You’ve just performed your first abdominal massage.