Hydration is One Half of the Answer

By Sandra Czachur on 15th of May 2018 — Share on Facebookwww.ayurvedaapothecary.co.uk / blog / ayurveda-the-comprehensive-science-of-wellbeing / hydration-is-one-half-of-the-answer

Hydration is One Half of the Answer



When we put water on the skin, it feels instantly hydrated, but as it begins to dry our skin feels taught and dehydrated. This is one of the reasons that drinking lots of water helps with continuing to hydrate from the inside out. Our bodies eliminate the water that we drink, through our sweat glands and through urination, keeping the cycle of hydration is crucial to our skin. Many of us are lacking in hydration, and as this has become normal we do not feel the effects of dehydration until it is acute, maybe during hot weather or in the night when we are thirsty.

It is for this very same reason that we must rehydrate and give our skin water from an external level. This is why we recommend layering your skin products, by using a water based active serum that offers the hydration your skin needs, but it must follow with an oil based product that seals in the hydration of the serum.

Linda, our creative director who creates the Ayurveda Apothecary products, says that at her age 66, she also likes to use natural floral hydrolats to offer extra hydration.

The key to good hydration is to layer the products you use correctly and to avoid any chemical products which will continue to damage and dehydrate. It’s never too late to begin a renewal routine and within a few weeks you will begin to notice a more hydrated, moisturised skin.