Healing Music

Healing Music

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I love how Ayurveda looks at us as a whole, whatever we go through it is not just the symptom we treat, but the cause also. Something we might not think about is the healing element of music and the tones that are best suited to our Dosha (body type).

Music for Vata Type: Soft music with low, mellow tones.

Instruments: vocals; stringed instruments such as sitar, vina, and tambouri (three of Indias oldest stringed instruments); guitar, mandolin, bass, and violin; wind instruments such as chimes, digeridoo (one of the oldest-known wind instruments in the world, dating back some 40,000 years to the Aboriginal culture), Incan panpipes; all drums and percussion instruments; Himalayan singing bowls; keyboard instruments such as piano and harmonium.

Music for Pitta Type: Soft music with rhythmic middle tones.

Instruments: vocals; reed instruments such as flute, clarinet, and saxophone; mouth organ; stringed instruments such as violin, dulcimer, and mandolin; keyboard instruments such as piano and harmonium; all types of percussion instruments including gentle drums; Himalayan singling bowls; wind instruments such as the accordion and Scottish bagpipes.

Music for Kapha Type: Energising music with higher tones and solid bass.

Instruments: vocals; all types of drums, such as the Indian dholak and tables, African congo, and water drum; all types of keyboard instruments such as electric keyboards, piano, and harmonium; percussion instruments such as Himalayan bowls, bells, and chimes; wind instruments such as didgeridoo, Incan panpipes, and accordion.

~ The Path of Practice, Maya Tiwari

Deva Primal is one of my favourites, just sitting and 'being' leaves me feeling calm and relaxed when I listen to her music. Enjoy!

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