Clear your Clutter

By Linda Bretherton on 14th of September 2020 — Share on / blog / ayurveda-the-comprehensive-science-of-wellbeing / clear-your-clutter

Clear Your Clutter


A little while ago I heard a Radio programme about Hoarding. These days I like to think ‘how could Ayurveda help?’. In the past I have used the services of a Declutterer, The Clutter Fairy, and I can honestly say I felt so much better after ‘letting’ go of all the stuff I really didn’t need. It has also made me think my office could do with a declutter......

The Vedic science of environmental harmony, Vastu Shastra, identifies how clutter creates stress in an environment. Vastu, or “yoga for the home,” comes from the same wisdom texts as Ayurveda, meditation, Jyotish, and yoga. According to Vastu, stress caused by clutter reduces and restricts life-force energy. Depending on the area of your home or office, clutter impacts different aspects of your life in specific ways:

• Clutter in the northwest affects relationships, business partnerships, and stability of the mind.

• Clutter in the northeast blocks growth, both spiritually and financially.

• Clutter in the southeast affects health and productivity. It also affects passion, creativity, and your physical energy.

• Clutter in the southwest affects support, which includes your skeletal structure (showing up as back pain) and your career.

Clearing clutter is something everyone has to deal with. From a Vedic perspective, once it’s removed, it will free up the energy in your home or office creating an environment where you can thrive. Eliminating clutter simplifies your life and opens the space physically and emotionally for new possibilities to enter.

If your clutter is manageable then it is worth investing time to clear the clutter yourself on a regular basis, if you feel overwhelmed then it might be a good idea to ask friends or family to help, or engage the services of a professional declutterer like Lesley, The Clutter Fairy.

I’m conscious that maintaining a clear space supports my mental clarity, health, and joy. And I’ve discovered that the reverse is true, too: The way to create lasting order in my outer life—in my home, my schedule, and the way I use my resources—comes from clearing out my inner landscape and refocusing on my priorities.

Like most people, I still struggle from time to time to stem the tide of clutter and to balance a busy life. I try to remember that life, like Ayurveda, is an ongoing journey and that the small, positive steps add up and can eventually become good habits.

One small step at a time.