Are you getting a good nights sleep?

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Are you sleeping soundly?


Whilst there are many different types of sleep deprivation and insomnia, generally they can be divided into two patterns; difficulty getting to sleep, and difficulty staying asleep.  Remedies for no two people are the same.  The causes of sleep disturbances vary from person to person; however, you may find it helpful to take the following measures to help you wind down:

  • Use herbs in your bath.  Our Balance & Calming Bath Soak brings you the ultimate in bath time relaxation, helping you to achieve the perfect balance with carefully selected oils – Neroli, Geranium and Chamomile.
  • Make a sleep-inducing herbal tea.  Try our Ayurveda Time Out Tea, with Luxury Camomile, Rooibos, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Linden Flowers, Anise, Cinnamon, Oat Straw, Passion Flower, Orange Peel. A sumptuous blend of calming herbs and spices which will help take away all the pressure of daily life. Our Sweet Dreams Tea is a natural blend of herbs for a restful sleep, with oatflower, liquorice root, chamomile, lavender, limeflower and tulsi krishner.
  • A favourite herbal remedy for those who can’t stay asleep is the Ayurvedic herb, Ashwagandha, which is so gentle and safe that it’s often given to children in India. Rather than knocking you out immediately, the effects come on slowly and reach their peak in the small hours when you really need to stay asleep. Ayurveda Apothecary will be stocking health formulas soon so watch this space.
  • Back up your sleep-inducing efforts by getting some daytime exercise in the fresh air.  Wear breathable nightwear and have a comfortable mattress and pillows. Hang heavy curtains to block out the light. Establish winding down rituals at night, such as no computers, or stimulating TV programmes after 8pm. Ban TVs, mobile and cordless phones from the bedroom to reduce ‘electronic smog’.  Don’t eat within 3 hours of going to bed, or conversely, if you wake up because you are hungry, have 2 oatcakes as pre-bed snack. And back to the herbs, sprinkle a little lavender on your pillow!

Sweet Dreams x x x