All I Want For Christmas....

By Sandra Czachur on 6th of December 2017 — Share on / blog / ayurveda-the-comprehensive-science-of-wellbeing / all-i-want-for-christmas

All I Want For Christmas...




How can Christmas shopping be relaxing? While it’s not always going to be exactly fun, some common-sense tips can ease the strain. Unless you like traffic congestion and yomping around overheated shops, buying online can be a much easier option. If you are looking for natural and organic skincare products, that are kind to the skin and the planet then Ayurveda Apothecary Skincare Range is for you. We have special offers here. We also have gift certificates for those of you who can’t decide!

If you do need to go to bricks and mortar stores, try to get there as early as possible, or in the hour before they close. Weekends and weekday lunchtimes might well be busy though so try if you can to avoid those times, easier said than done I know. Pace yourself, wear comfortable clothes, and have plenty to drink – if you get dehydrated you will become irritable and make bad decisions.

As with so much to do with the festive season, the art is forward planning. Get a to-do list and try and tick off at least one item every day. Supermarkets get horribly busy in the week before Christmas, so try and get what you can in advance.

When it comes to the big day, make sure your kitchen and worktops are clean and clutter-free, so it's worth doing a big clean a day or two before. You will be glad you did!

Odd as it seems, we often need to make a conscious decision to relax, particularly if our bodies have become used to a frenetic lifestyle. If something about Christmas is really stressing you out, shut your eyes and imagine you are in a place a long way away, where you feel safe and comfortable. If you feel yourself about to lose it, say “I'm angry, but I have a choice how I react, and I choose to stay calm.” I find EFT really works, find out more here.

Exercise will significantly lift your mood too, so make a point of going for regular walks in the fresh air – active hobbies such as photography are another great way to get you out of the door, and a great way to capture memories over the Christmas period.

Actually, when you think about it, people in the affluent west getting stressed about Christmas is rather self-indulgent and decadent. We are incredibly lucky in this country to have a mid-winter festival when most of us can enjoy a decent chunk of time off work, spent in safety and comfort with our family.

So, when you find yourself getting flustered by a full Sainsbury's car park or sold-out cranberry sauce, be still, be mindful and grateful for your life.