Ageing Skin

By Sandra Czachur on 11th of December 2017 — Share on / blog / ayurveda-the-comprehensive-science-of-wellbeing / ageing-skin

Ageing Skin - Solutions for Rejuvenation


Ayurveda views ageing as the time when the body has greater tissue loss than gain. This is due to increased Vata (depletion of matter) and the accumulation of metabolic waste that inhibits cellular regeneration.

Ageing affects the skin and Vata’s influence in maturity. As we move through our lives, regardless of our constitution, we all accumulate movement and Vata energy, which is why we all begin to show signs of increased Vata. Increased Vata makes us more conceptual, spiritual, reflective, and willing to explore our connection to the universe, although we still need to mitigate excess Vata so we do not become overly depleted and delicate.

Vata-reducing antiaging practices include oiling your body and scalp, eating moist, warm foods, getting ample rest and engaging in soothing physical and mental activities like yoga and meditation. But nourishment is not the only component to Ayurveda’s antiaging approach. Cleansing and detoxification are also important. As we age, our systems slow down and so does the process of tissues purging waste on their own. When this occurs, stagnation impedes energetic movement, circulation, and absorption. Habitual detoxification becomes a necessity. For this reason, Linda Bretherton’s Purification programme is a great.

Vata is not the only dosha we need to consider when we talk about Ayurvedic antiaging practices. As we mature, any of our untreated energetic imbalances worsen and continue to build up. Therefore, body awareness is so important. Because we tend to accumulate the doshic energies of our predominant dosha, Pitta may experience excess heat, acid and inflammation as they age; Kapha may have water retention and dampness; and Vata may experience intense depletion and tissue loss.

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