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I am the biggest advocate for looking and feeling healthy in a natural way - we should be encouraging and promoting natural beauty in old age not trying to avoid it, but embracing old age for its inner wisdom and its experiential knowledge.

Apart from loving myself with our products I also love to add new ingredients to provide specific answers to my individual needs. This is one of them ... I don't know about you but one of the things I personally find unattractive on my own ageing skin is Dark Age Spots, also called Liver Spots. There is much to say about this and I am pleased to say that because of my regular purification processes I do not have too many, but I am getting them on my hands and I am going to apply some of my own ingredients to our Hand and Nail Cream to enhance the product for my own purposes.

Depending on your Dosha skin type you would use the correct added ingredient to help to fade the Age spots.

So here I am adding my own specific ingredients, I will do a before and after post on my hands to show how it’s working.


We can adapt any of our products to suit your particular requirements, it will cost an extra £5/£10/£15 on any of our products in the shop..... go to the 'Unique Bespoke Service' in our shop store and make sure that you email beforehand with your requirements.

In my own Pitta Hand Cream mix I have added Frankincense oil as it is a good remedy for age spots since it is cicastrisant which means that aids in healing also as a cytophylastic, it promotes a faster rate of cell division which in time will promote the faster healing of the skin.

Frankincense also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The use of frankincense oil for age spots is very a well-known and practiced remedy in aromatherapy.

As you can see in my own mix I have added other ingredients to help with my particular skin.

Let us know if you have any questions.