A Short Journey into Ayurveda

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A Short Journey into Ayurveda


What is Ayurveda? Directly translated Ayurveda means ‘The Science of Life’.

It is one of the oldest forms of healing the world has known, with its origins dating back 5000 years to the Vedic sages who lived in that part of the Asian subcontinent now known as India and is one of the most profound healthy practices in the world. Ayurveda is a system of preventative healthcare and healing and is also a philosophy for living. It cures not by simply treating the symptoms but by removing the causes of disease and by guiding us to balance the physical and spiritual elements of our lives. Within Ayurveda, the objective is to achieve balance as an individual whose emotional life, intake of food, the output of energy, and whose attention to the daily act of living is also extended to take in the wider concept of a harmonious universe.

Ayurveda sees the world composed of 5 elements, which are ether/space, air, fire, water, and earth. Each and every living thing is composed of these elements, which form vital energies that fluctuate according to our state of balance as individuals and the seasons of nature.

Ayurveda states there are three main body types, known as doshas, these are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These doshas express everything about us from our skin type and physical characteristics, to our health and personality traits.

These elements and our human pulse of life are sustained by nutrition in the very broadest sense. We obtain that from food, from our breathing and from the attention we give to ourselves. The quality of attention communicates our intent and we flourish when given the right kind of attention and wither when given the wrong kind.

If you would like to learn more the Dosha for Life book  is a great way to start. You will learn about the physical and emotional make up of the three characters in the book and the things that have been damaging their health and outlook. You will then be able to relate this new knowledge to your own life.