Day 3

By Sandra Czachur on 12th of April 2016 — Share on / blog / 14-day / 14-day-day-3

Day 3 of the Programme



Another amazing day! Day 3 of the programme, headache gone, feeling good! Unfortunately, I didn't do the gargling as planned, I ran out of time.

I managed to fit in a fennel tea in though before I headed to Linda's to do our fabulous treatments using our Ayurveda Apothecary products on the lovely Gaynor. I took my coconut, pineapple & oat breakfast with me as a drink. Lunch was really late and by the time I got home I ended up having the leftover soup from last night which was even more yummy!

I took the dogs for a quick windy walk and then sat on the computer working for too many hours really, which meant I had my minestrone very late! Whilst my soup was cooking I sat and had a chat with my inner child, she's feeling quite happy with how things are going, and so glad I'm doing the programme, giddy almost 😜. So it's already 9.45pm so I'm going to have a long soak in the bath, do the savasana pose and drift off to sleep 💤💤💤 Sweet Dreams x x x