Day 2

By Sandra Czachur on 13th of April 2016 — Share on / blog / 14-day / 14-day-day-2

Day 2 of the Programme



Today was the🌟Magical Day of Ayurveda🌟!! Thanks to our wonderful Vani who once again delivered an amazing day full of information and experiences - my kitchen smells divine. Thanks to the lovely ladies who attended, it was great to meet Facebook friends in person and share this wonderful knowledge.  And if you are reading this post and thinking you like the sound of it, the next one is on Saturday 30th April 🙏  

As you can imagine most of Day 2  was spent enjoying our magical day but I did start with my body brushing routine and did a fabulous face scrub, I felt the tinge of a headache which was definitely confirming my overdose on chocolate over the last two weeks! I also felt a bit sick so I made myself some fennel tea - my new favourite drink (I'm drinking one now as I type!). I have to say I was busying myself getting everything ready for the day so I skipped breakfast - my tummy felt queasy. Lunch was the amazing 'Kitchadi Vert' (using Beth's photo as I didn't take one, not like me haha!), so the protein smoothie can be for another day. After the Ayurveda Day I went for a walk with my sister Cheryl to stretch my legs. In the evening I made the butternut squash soup, DELICIOUS, love it. My headache kicked in and so I went to bed with a turmeric drink and massaging the marma point on my hand to relieve the headache - thanks for the reminder Linda! I actually did the calming yoga pose before bed too! So all in all a FABULOUS day x x x