Vata Dosha

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Vata is composed of air and ether/space and works alongside the nervous system which will have an effect on our skin. In the mind Vata is concerned with memory and comparison of information. Air is the breath which stimulates movement. Ether/space is the stillness where the vibration of all vital systems and all creative activity occur.

Vata Skin

The Vata skin will often be drier than the other 2 types. Characteristics of Vata skin are, cold, dry, sallow, rough, small pores, thin skin, prone to premature wrinkles, dark under eye circles, easily tans. They may lick their fingers before touching paper, wool or other dry surfaces and may be slow to perspire compared to others. Vata skin may be light, dull or even papery, requiring moisturising and care in all weather conditions, particularly in strong sunlight.

The Vata skincare regime should be hydrating and nurturing, maintaining your dosha’s natural balance and helping to keep your skin in optimum health.