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About Us

Linda Bretherton - Also known as Vani, Linda Bretherton is the UK and European Master of Wise Earth Ayurveda and a Consultant in Integrative Psychotherapy and Energy Psychology. She is the author of 3 published works and the creator of PsychoVeda, The Mellow Yellow Movement, The Mandala for Life, and The Creating Game.

Sandra Czachur - Sandra is a Wise Earth Ayurveda Food Breath & Sound Practitioner. She worked as a PA for many years before having 5 children and then ran her own Therapy Centre for nine years. Also trained in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Theta Healing, she became interested in Ayurveda many years ago through the work of  Linda Bretherton.


Email us at info@ayurvedaapothecary.co.uk with any enquiries.